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Sparrowpaw Edit

Sparrowpaw is a black she-cat with ginger patches on her muzzle and belly. Sparrowpaw was found alone in the woods with her brother, Sootpaw, as kits, since their mother had abandoned them. They were found by a patrol, and the leader, Blossomstar, and her mate, the deputy, Redpelt, decided to allow them in the Clan. Sparrowpaw and her brother are now BlossomClan apprentices. She belongs to WarriorsRoleplayer.


Meadowpaw Edit

Meadowpaw is a tortoiseshell she-cat with light green eyes. Meadowkit was born to Blossomshine and Maplelight along with Honeykit, and Flamekit. When Meadowkit was still a kit, her mother, Blossomshine, would leave the nursery a lot, and go hunting, or go on border patrols, leaving the other queens to care for Meadowkit and her littermates.Two moons before Meadowkit became an apprentice, her brother, Flamekit died of greencough. Meadowkit became Meadowpaw, and was apprenticed to Lemonbreeze. Meadowpaw never received her warrior name, just a moon before Honeypaw got hers, she died in a battle against ShadowClan. She belongs to FangirlingSoHard.


Brightsky Edit

Brightsky is a golden she-cat with blue eyes. Brightsky formerly lived in WindClan, and now lives in HoneyClan, raising her two kits Heatherkit and Gorsekit, whose father she refuses to mention. She helped calm down Rippletail during Swanfeather's kitting. She belongs to FangirlingSoHard.

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